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Svetlana Khon: “Radio Grand” does not belong to Rustam Madumarov!

Svetlana Khon: “Radio Grand” does not belong to Rustam Madumarov!

On May 1, 2019 an information on auction sales of property amounting 7 bln UZS, belonging to Rustam Maduamarov (Gulnara Karimova’s ex-husband) spread in Media.

Namely, as mentioned by UzA, 100% of stock of “Edel Veys- Ali” LLC had also been put on sales at Single electron Trading Platform along with its debits and other properties. contained detailed photos of the above Company, which is located at 15, Mukimiy str., Tashkent, along with office furniture and vehicles.

"EDEL VEYS-ALI" LLC owns “Radio Grand” broadcasting on 101,5 FM. It is also interesting that radio, which is on sale sold, is still broadcasting and functioning.

So, does this Radio belong to Rustam Madumarov?

Seeking answers to our questions met with Svetlana Knon, Director of "EDELVEYS-ALI" LLC.
According to her, “Radio Grand” started functioning in 1997 and at that time belonged to Alisher Tashkhodjaev. In 2002, Svetlana Khon turns a single owner and director of "EDELVEYS-ALI" LLC and “Radio Grand”.

In 2008 Svetlana Khon “presented” 26 % share of the Company to the Representative of G.Karimova. Precisely, she did so under pressure. Thus, upon end of each fiscal year partial income was withdrawn by Larisa Sablina.

2013 Svetlana Khon was contacted by lawyers of G.Karimova and instructed her to hand over partnership to Irina Emelyanova.

Whereas, I.Emelyanova would never participate in administrative meetings to resolve regular issues, notwithstanding reiterative invitations sent to the address registered under her. Logically sides came to know that nobody resides at that address.

In 2017, Svetlana Khon manages to exclude I.Emelyanova from the founders of the Company by Court Decision and becomes single owner of 100% company shares.

On May 25, 2018 she comes to know that evaluation procedure of her company had been initiated by Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement. Whilst clarifying the situation, Svetlana Khon comes to know that all assets of "EDEL VEYS-ALI" LLC belongs to Rustam Madumarov according to Tashkent Court Decision dated July 20, 2015.

Svetlana Khon reiteratively addressed to Courts on this case, but all in vain. General Prosecutor’s Office as well as Public Reception were also silent. Svetlana is not able to see documents, verified transfer of ownership of her company, without her personal participation in the Court sittings etc. As she is told, these documents will not be submitted to her as they are “classified”. Case is being conducted in the format “Go anywhere you want”.

Gulnara Karimova