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Wasted Kinder-garden of “Obod Mahalla” (Prosperous Hood) either do we need “fool’s gold” kinder-garden?

Wasted Kinder-garden of “Obod Mahalla” (Prosperous Hood) either do we need “fool’s gold” kinder-garden?

As soon as our village “fell” under “Obod Mahalla” programme, the running kinder-garden closed for renovation. So many things were done within the Programme.  Unfortunately, not all these tasks are finalized yet. It is almost a year there are many things to be finished at the kinder-garden. When we surveyed the reasons form in-charge officers, they all blame each other. Naturally, at that time they promised to finish renovations within 3-4 months. In real, promises are not fulfilled. What is in between, parents do not know where to deliver their kids…”  

Few months back, we received a telephone call to our editors – a woman who represented herself as Nodira Yuldosheva, resident of Qayilma Hood, Parkent district, and requested assistance on the same case.9ee005e0890168f35cf3b04ba45aff34.jpg Two days after the telephone talk, we have visited the address announced. We investigated the circumstances. 

Façade of the kinder is very well renovated. Inside is, politely to say, very disparaging. 

A logical question arises. Why it was decided to renovate façade of the kinder-garden, but not inside? 

First, we encountered Mufassar Saidalikhujaeva, Principal of the Kinder-garden. 

-    There are many objects, which were renovated after our village was enlisted into “Obod Mahalla” programme. Even our kinder-garden was allocated 500 mln UZS within this Programme. – says Principal of the Kinder-garden, Mufassar Saidalihujaeva. -  But these allocations are enough only for renovations of the façade, replacement of windows and doors only. I have conveyed the message to authorities that kinder-garden needs to be repaired from inside first. But they refused my request. Moreover, having works partially finished, I was told to open kinder-garden. I did not agree. As opening kinder-garden in such condition is equal to putting their lives in danger! Go and see yourself! The floor is already decayed and full of insects. One should not even talk on conditions of cookery, shower-room and bathrooms. Walls are scuffed, tiles are broken. All the facilities are old. This is kinder-garden at last! We can not open a building,  which is not corresponding to sanitary – hygienic requirements, therefore put health and lives of children under danger. Even though, if this would happen, the last who will get tough with it is I. moreover, what kind of parent will give its offspring to such “fool’s gold” kinder-garden? Meanwhile, worries of the principal are justified. Good looking from the surface, building is completely scuffed from inside. 

So, how this situation is commented by officials? 

Deputy Major of Parkent district on Construction Issues, regional prosecutor and head of preschool education department visited the venue within 30 minutes. Unfortunately, putting main issue away, they started to identify a person, who applied on this issue. 

Thus, officials promised to finalize the pending works within a month and requested parents to wait for this month. We trusted their promises. Since the case was resolved positively at the place, we agreed not to write any article in the topic and returned. However… 

Implemented verbally, factually… 

Recently our editors was addressed by the principal of the very Kinder-garden No 14 “Shirin”. According to her, after our visit, works had been started for little while, hence no works are implemented presently.    

We have started towards Kinder-garden to clarify the case. 

Indeed, there were many things implemented after our last visit. Drainage system renovated, wall whitewashed. But, cookery is still on the same condition. Floors is in the same shape.  

We met the Principal again. 

-    Kinder-garden was to be finished within 4 months – says the principal, - unfortunately, things are not as they are expected. It is almost a year we are not able to open kinder-garden. One cannot count place visited by me. Whomsoever I address, the answer is the same: “No budget, manage yourself, let parents sponsor, do your best to open kinder-garden”. 

Unfortunately, when we visited last time, we were announced huge promises by officials, now there was no possibility to find any of them. Some had gone with urgent task, another is in hospital, other says: “Do whatever you can do, there will not be any budget allocation for that kinder-garden”.44af6fda53766f083a338f5bb42c8b10.jpg-  Chasing the cabinets, we could manage to avail an old building and establish a temporary kinder-garden. Presently it is attended by around 40-50 children. However, this place does not correspond to sanitary – hygienic requirements at all. Nevertheless, we had no choice after reiterate appeals from the parents. – says the principal. 

- My two children used to go to this kinder-garden. – says Nodira Yuldosheva, - As soon as kinder-garden was closed, I have taken unpaid leave at my workplace. It took much time kinder-garden was not opened, and I had no choice but to resign from my workplace. We cannot afford to give children to private kinder-gardens. Presently I am taking care of my children at home. Since they are not able to renovate kinder-garden and make it suitable for requirements, why did they close it then?  Why officials lie people saying they will open kinder-garden any day now? How long will our suffers last? Is there any entity that could hear our problems and assist for resolving? 

“Go any place you wish, we have no money…” 
As you are aware, last three years huge attention is paid towards preschool education. Even a Ministry of Preschool Education had been established. There are private kinder-garden being opened under “Government-Private” format. Uzbek President demands from local authorities to provide due attention to kinder-gardens first. He mentions that 90 % of children are to be provided access to kinder-gardens by 2021. A number of privileges are created for officials and entrepreneurs in this regard. These all is done to up-bring literal and wise generation, at last.5d470800a426d2ad3b5134e16c31df26.jpg 

So, why local authorities and officials are not implementing President’s instruction in time and with full responsibility? Particularly, why authorities of Parkent district do not hear the problems of parents and kinder-garden principal? Or they are against today's reforms, against concept that not a nation who runs after government, but it is the government who chases people? Who will take responsibility for closing of the kinder-garden under such “Obod Mahalla” Programme, which is now left partially repaired and in fragile condition? Generally, was this case coordinated from the beginning? 

We assume nobody. If otherwise, kinder-garden would not remain in such condition for a year, a parent would not suffer.11a31dd169b3e1b6a79e3140e87d0b9c.jpg P.S. By the way, upon finishing the article, with minor hope in our hearts we called a principal of the kinder-garden and clarified the situation. What we heard is the same – “go anywhere you wish, do whatever you can do, no money. Manage yourself and open it on your own”. 
We look forward seeing comments on the case by authorities of Parkent district. 

We shall come back to the case again.ffe885f07ece65f2045848a036163311.jpg

Gulomjon AHMAD