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Accommodation away from “Senior’s” attention

Accommodation away from “Senior’s” attention

Whenever we are in struggle, we blame destiny. We assume ourselves unhappy. We start searching reasons of the circumstances and create various excuses. We even justify ourselves saying, “We are not worth this”. Hence, we do not think that all 4 senses of ours are valid, that all our family members are healthy, and all are quite. We are not thankful for the same.

Having acquainted with Sohib Kamol’s conditions, free artist, such thoughts came into my mind.

There are such people in the world, who never blame their destiny. Even though they live extremely complicated life, they are thankful that they are alive. They struggle for life, try to find their place in life. Sohib Kamol is one of such persons. He is blind. However, he apprehends life philosophy much better than those who can see. He never covers with his conditions and knocks officer’s doors. He is shamed to do so.
As soon as the ideology that “It is not a nation, who should run after government bodies, indeed, entities are to chase people” has been implemented in our society, we have opened new page of our history. Row of challenges, remaining years idle, found their solutions. Launching of virtual receptions, off-site receptions and “Tet-a-Tet” meetings with people resulted solution of number of people. It will be mistake not to underline the same.
Unfortunately, unlike those people, who really need to utilize such conveniences, who are away from attention, support is given to those “disabled”, who are as if in real need, of very poor condition, always taking front seats during meetings and dropping senseless tears – there are many people of “Sass is the key to success”. These people are why Sohib Kamol, whose condition is very tough, in need of material and social support, is away from in-charge officers.

No registration, no assistance
- Nine years back we have purchased an accommodation according to our budget in Zangiata district – says Sohib Kamol. There was not a single document of it at that time. The previous owner promised to arrange all documents, but passed away after some while. Thus, we could not arrange ownership documents. I have been residing here until now along with my three children without any documents. I have addressed to Zangiata State service department to register documents after Presidents decree on approval for registration of illegal contractions and explained my conditions. Made all necessary payments. Since our house was located near prison, I was told to bring approval from the Administrator of the prison. Administrator of the Jail referred to a Decree of 2014, which stipulates location of residential areas 50 meters away from the Jail wall and rejected to submit his consent. However, all my neighbours have due ownership certificates for their houses. When the same was said to him, prison administrator said that all documents were registered before Decree of 2014 entered into force. Thus, there was no place, which was not visited by me to get documents of my house registered. However, there is no result. You can see my conditions, I am blind, and my smallest daughter is also disabled. We make living for allowances. If not to count few benefit for my works, we have no other income. We cannot save beyond my spouse and our children. I am not capable to work. So far I had never asked for assistance from authorities of my place of birth, neither my residential area, neither from Republican Society of Blind People. They indeed, would never offer their help themselves. We are running our life ourselves.
Family beyond reforms
As we can see, this person is in real need for assistance. His shelter (I cannot call it house) is almost to collapse, there is no even foundation, away from in-charge officer’s attention. According to Sohib Kamol, when he approached Mahalla (Neighbourhood) Citizens Union, he was told that no assistance could be provided as he is not registered in the hood. The Union of his place of birth, notwithstanding the fact he is registered there, excused themselves for not assisting, as Sohib does not reside in their hood. Thus, in between all of these, there is one blind, his spouse and worth – 3 under-age children. They do not know where to get help from.
Now let us have small discussion. The President of Uzbekistan reiterates that the human value is the most important in today’s reforms, it is essential to obtain their trust during each of his speeches. Each Officer is instructed to get trust of the citizens, to elaborate Decrees and Resolution for the benefits of the compatriots. President demands to divert legislation towards solution of people’s problem. Unfortunately, not all “Seniors” implement President’s instructions. Moreover, the stick gets broken again on heads of people like Sohib.

Think yourself; even though he is blind, he is socially active. Good or bad he writes books, recites poems, poems become songs, but when he faces problems, nobody assists. Is this fair? Where is public supervision? Where is our citizen’s position? Where is our mentality to give a hand to those who fell down, who is in need?

There are many people like Sohib Kamol, who is in real need. Though being disabled, notwithstanding that he resides in log, he does not wait any help from others – this is worth applause. He is not asking food or shelter from authorities. What he asks is to elaborate ownership documents for his “Palace”.
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Utilizing privileges, which are provided by government for entrepreneurs, Sohib tried his skills there also. Presently he is feeding 20 rabbits in his house. His willingness is worth compliments. As today we can evidence purely healthy people, with robust health, but waits some assistance from government, always ready to enter Senior’s Reception to get any of benefits. Can these “kept men” take an example from Sohib Kamol?

Every person encounters various challenges in his life. In addition, person needs robust willpower to overcome these obstacles. Sohib Kamol is the very person of such strong willpower. Nevertheless, this does not means that one should not provide assistance to him and his family. He is a citizen of Uzbekistan. He is fully entitled to utilize benefits of present reforms and request any assistance from government. In my opinion, he along with his family members, are fully entitled to live in suitable conditions (shelter) with full of joy, happiness.

We expect comments by in-charge officers on the same case. We shall come back to this topic shortly.

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Golib Mirzo
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