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Group of Uzbek citizens do not consent with Court Decision. Why?

Group of Uzbek citizens do not consent with Court Decision. Why?

A group of our compatriots addressed our editors. Being of different speciality and nature, they all are united with single problems. We have listened to our compatriots, who introduced themselves from Navoi region.

According to our conversant, their relatives have stolen 10 tons of diesel belonging to Navoi Mining Plant, sold it out and planned to incur a remedy on their own needs. Nevertheless, after some while all thieves were banned and arrested according to the Article 167 of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan. General Prosecutor conducts the case for a month and announces that if the loss is compensated, all accused may be released on security. However, after loss is compensated, a sentences was changed from Article 167 to Article 169.

Munira Yunusova’s husband is also engaged in the robbery. Her husband is the only child in the family, parents are retired. Presently Munira is running a family. She compensated the loss taking huge debts. Her wish is to ease the punishment.

Zilola Tursounova’s two brother found guilty on the robbery. The most interesting is one the brothers was in prison, when robbery took place (the same was confirmation by prison inspector). The reason why her brother was engaged into the robbery was a Cancer of her mother, who needs to be delivered to India for further treatment. This family have borrowed 28 mln UZS to compensate the loss. Nevertheless, both the brothers were sentenced for 5 years 6 months, and 6 year and 3 months of imprisonment. Their mother passes away having heard a Court sentence. The most disgusting is none of the brothers were allowed to lead their mother to a cemetery.

Rajab Toshev’s son is also imprisoned for robbery. Rajab Toshev bring sincere apologies in front of all, particularly in front of President. Having compensated a loss, he applies to various entities and reaches Tashkent, but all applications and appeals directed back to an officer, initially conducting a case. “You have reached Tashkent, but this all is for vain. Everything comes back to me!” – says officer and sentences his son for 6 years of imprisonment.

The most pity is that 70 years old man is employed in construction in order to feed his family.

Gulbahor Sirojova’s case is amazing. Her son did not participate in the robbery, the only what he did is he purchased diesel from second person. Prosecutors added him into a “group” and sentenced him for 4 years and 6 months of imprisonment.

Investigations on the case are assigned on Bukhara regional Court. We do hope that humanity being conducted by Uzbek government will reflect in the destiny of all the accused.