Investigations 150 20.06.2019 16:19:57

New houses where the roof flies and the basement is filled with water

New houses where the roof flies and the basement is filled with water has received an appeal from a citizen Khayrulla Bekmatov, living at the address: 21/11/ Sergeli 5-A, Tashkent city.
The appealer wrote that on February 25, 2018, he moved to a new house with his family and shortcomings were not resolved by the contractor and incomplete work still existed.

“The corridors and stairs, the outer facade of the building, especially the front door have been completely destroyed so far. We have repeatedly informed the contractor and officers of the company “Bunyodkor” about these problems. We have kept silent as we hoped all these issues would be mitigated soon. But in May-June of this year, due to negligent attitude, we had more objections”.1f4def7ce4786d3451b7abee20fd03c7.jpgAt the end of May of this year, strong wind and rain were followed by a huge volume of water that accumulated and flooded around the 11th house. Owing to the constant rain, the basement of the house was filled with water. Well, that is not all. The appealer, Khairullah Begmatov, has repeatedly identified a number of shortcomings.9718c60f80472e9406bd9dd1735e909a.jpg correspondents visited Sergeli District 5A, where he got acquainted with the existing problems.4f886a102b7ec0929d7756d1167a22f3.jpgAfter our correspondents examined the situation, 4-5 days passed. In a telephone conversation officials promised: "tomorrow we will eliminate the problems", but their “tomorrow” has not come yet. According to representatives of the residents, the deficiencies have not been resolved. “In the land of promises, people die of hunger," said one of the wise people. We hope that this will not happen here.