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Our compatriots with international passports can be fined abroad if...

Our compatriots with international passports can be fined abroad if...

In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 26, 2018,  Uzbekistan introduced the practice of issuing biometric passports for traveling abroad from January 1 of this year. In the passport of this type the name and a surname of the citizen, and also a patronymic are specified. A patronymic of the citizen was not specified in a traditional passport. 

A citizen’s father name and authority are also added in the data section of the passport of an international passport in English 

According to the legislation of some countries, foreigners residing in the country for a long time are obliged to inform the relevant authorities about changes in documents related to their personal data and update the necessary documents. 

According to, our compatriots returning to South Korea with a new passport face this issue.

For example, after receiving a passport, if they arrive in Korea without a South Korean visa (except for citizens arriving in Korea for the first time) but with an ID card ( an identity document for foreigners that is valid on the territory of this state), they will have to re-register with the Korean migration service within 44 days. The data of the passport will be updated. It is enough to submit one 3x4 picture and fill in the corresponding form. This process takes about 5 minutes. As a result, our compatriots will be issued a new ID-card with the name of the father added. 

If the update is not completed within the period of 44 days, the penalty will be charged for each day of delay. The initial amount of the fine is 100,000 von of the Republic of Korea.

In the Republic of Korea, the ID card is the main document for foreigners, and all other types of documents are linked to it. Thus, any changes in it should be recorded immediately in the data system. For example all legally relevant documents, company details, Bank account numbers, phone and SIM card details, driver's license, ID numbers of scientific researchers, contracts of employees with an intergovernmental official work visa, and many other important documents. 

When contacting the Embassy of Uzbekistan in South Korea on this issue, it was reported that relevant negotiations are currently underway with the Korean government. 

According to, more than 71 thousand Uzbeks live in the Republic of South Korea. Many of them may be unaware of the aforementioned rules. We also ask our compatriots traveling to other countries with a new passport to be vigilant in this matter.

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