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How were Gulnora Karimova and Rustam Madumarov connected to the case of "Muvad Video"? Part 2

How were Gulnora Karimova and Rustam Madumarov connected to the case of "Muvad Video"?  Part 2

The article regarding tragic incidence that happened to “Muvad Video” , which was established and became the giant figure in show business after Uzbekistan had gained independence, in particular, director of the company Abdushukur Islomov has been announced on

We are going to provide the continuation of the story about how the director of Muvad Video and his relatives were jailed, he lost his property and what he keeps occupied himself with after being released from prison.


 Abdushukur Islomov said that criminal case was initiated against him and the Prosecutor’s Office of Tashkent city was entitled to carry out a preliminary investigation. Investigator Bakhtiyor Vokhidov was assigned to be in charge of this criminal case and he conducted an investigation. A. Islomov noted that B. Vokhidov made some information known telling him not to tell anybody.
In particular, he said that as the order came from high places, his properties were confiscated and former first deputy of the chairman of National Security Service Shukhrat Gulomov was taking control of the situation, which means businessman would be destined to sentenced at least fifteen years in prison.

A. Islomov said the investigation was conducted by tax bodies and the woman who was engaged in it was his neighbor residing at next door. This woman told him that her task was to find a flaw in accounting regardless of how fair the company operated and this was order given by National Security Service. According to the investigation, tax defraud amounting to 56 million UZS was determined.

However, this “illegality” did not satisfy NSS. They were not satisfied with the work of the tax body and took all the all documents from the office without any reason. After some time, A. Islomov was charged under several articles of the Criminal Code and jailed in case.
A. Islomov was tortured and beaten mercilessly all day for two-three days and forced to confess the crime and tell where and whose names his properties were registered under. Neither his relatives nor his lawyer could approach him for three years. Meanwhile, he was pushed to deny an experienced lawyer who was going to defend him. After he was warned that his state would get worse if he did not do so, this experienced lawyer’s service was rejected.

The building of office Abdushukur Islomov purchased at an auction in 2006 was extracted unreasonably and not declaring any charge. On top of that, 9 cars, furniture workshop, the house he was residing and all assets registered under names of his relatives were confiscated. In total, he lost the properties worth $237 thousand.

With regard to trial, the charge was declared under 13 articles of the Criminal Code. The court came to the verdict that A. Islomoov and his brothers were sentenced to 12 years and 11 years in prison respectively.
After some amendments were made to the Criminal Code, A. Islomov was freed on September 9, 2016. In 2017 he started up his business again. As he has the desire to remove the name of “criminal”, he has appealed to some official bodies asking them to justify himself and his brothers. However, his evidence was considered to be unreasonable by governmental bodies.

Chairman of Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan received A.Islomov a few months ago and he was informed that his case would be reexamined by Supreme Court. He is now looking forward to the court’s verdict, wants justice and the guilty to be punished.