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How were Gulnora Karimova and Rustam Madumarov connected to the case of "Muvad Video"

How were Gulnora Karimova and Rustam Madumarov connected to the case of "Muvad Video"

Have you ever heard of “Muvad Video"? It was established just after Uzbekistan gained Independence and became a giant figure in show business. Majority of people must recall what happened to “Muvad Video” a few years ago. At that time, setbacks were inflicted upon the establishment which was flourishing in show business. As a consequence, Director of the establishment Abdushukur Islomov was charged with economic crime and his properties were confiscated. He was sentenced to a long period in jail. His two brothers were also jailed.

So who wanted to stain three members of one family by charging them? Did brothers commit an economic crime?

Director of “Muvad Video” Abdushukur Islomov has visited our press. He has something to tell and raises an objection.

According to him, he founded “Muvad Video” in 1994. it was a private firm, then turned into a limited liability company. The firm maintained activities such as recording audios and videos into cassettes, recording concerts, making clips, generating artistic works. It provided the public with high-quality products. Even the establishment was appreciated in foreign countries.

When Gulnora Karimova’s spouse Rustam Madumarov stepped on show business, he started cooperating with “Muvad Video” like other singers. After some time, Rustam Madumarov told Abdushukur Islomov to give his chains of shops “Nirvana”. To be more precise, Madumarov forced him to do so. Because of much strain, Director of “Muvad Video” had to agree on it unwillingly.faf2e3a3145cdde62a7fe0a927b9ad80.jpg

In 2007-2008, Abdushukur Ismoilov started working with Ozodbek Nazarbekov. He sponsored the singer, organized his concerts and agreed on revenue to be divided in half. Ozodbek became popular. Then Rustam Madumarov called Abdushukur Islomov and Ozodbek Nazarbekov and demanded that famous singers’ concerts were produced under the brand of the studio “Panterra”. He also noted it was Gulnara Karimova’s directive and if he did not comply it, he would never organize concerts.

A. Islomov asked to compromise. R. Madumarov said that he might maintain his activity if he paid $100 thousand from the profit that came from concerts. Mudumarov promised to help with clips and advertisement of concerts on “Markaz TV” “Zamin FM” “A’lo FM”. Islomov agreed on it. But he counted his chickens before they were hatched because he did not use the service of channels for free: all of them were chargeable.

There was another form of activity that caused a dispute with Rustam Madumarov. In particular, Karimova had “Artists’ Guild”, Islomov had “Chamber of legal owners of Uzbekistan” which was non- governmental organization. Islomov’s organization was the union of multiple companies including those which produced phonograms- “Tarona Records”, “Muvad Video”, "Ohang Media” and CD Profi”. Thus, the area of its activity was much broader.

R. Madumarov was envious of the flourishing union. Artists started comparing these two establishments. A. Islomov’s organization gained high regards as it paid poets and composer a good amount of money, 3-7 million UZS per month. A. Madumarov approached A. Islomov again and tried to force him to shut down the union. A. Islomov did not agree on it. R. Madumarov instructed to diminish the activity of the chamber. Director of “Muvad Video” did not agree on it again and rejected to work with them. After that A. Islomov got into tremendous setbacks.

On April 2012, In accordance with the order of National Security, his firm and shops under the limited liability company, other objects were investigated by employees of tax body without any documents. The office was also investigated. All musical devices and discs were taken.

A. Islomov and his two brothers were apprehended. A criminal case was initiated. He was convicted of organized and economic crime and condemned to jail.

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