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“We fear our house will collapse”

“We fear our house will collapse”

The group of citizens that reside at 1a Amir Temur street, Yunusabad district, Tashkent approached our press. It has become known that this nine-storey residential building, which is adjacent to Kohimiyat ( governor’s office) of Yunusabad district,  was built 20 years ago. Local community made a written appeal for the construction of a playground for children on unoccupied site to district officials. However, their appeal was not approved. They came up with the reason that this place does not meet safety regulations owing to its location near the subway line.8866ba943ba752e7e70e05521f3d2100.png
Today public community does not worry about the permission for the playground but much concerned about the construction of a multi-storey building. We have met with residents to examine the situation.f52c651173b6871e6d7c1e483d73dfd6.jpeg
“It has been 20 years since we moved here”, - Dilshoda Ormonova said. – The building of khokimiyat is situated in front of us. There is a 20-meter empty field that parts us. When we came here, this place was totally plain. We planted trees and made this place more luxuriant. Our children play here. We asked the permission for construction of parking lot, but permission was not granted owing to the location of ventilation of subway.

Because of subway’s location near the field, they had not consented to the playground too. During the governorship of the former khokim ( Bakhtiyor Abdusamadov who was sentenced to 5 years in prison) the site was sold for the construction of multi-storey building. We were dumbfounded. Trees were cut down to make a room for the construction. Waste disposal site was demolished. The most worrying consequence might be that our house may collapse. Because the site has been excavated 2-3 meters far from nine-storey building. It does not meet any construction criterions. The alley is also blocked. Who guarantees the building will not fall down?065f4026d483d85e875f2adca141958e.jpg
We witnessed that the foundation of the building is being erected near the multi-storey residential building, hence disintegrated alleys.

We hope responsible officials will examine and have insight into the situation and brief about the case.