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Specialist: fire may break out owing to car lights, if…

Specialist: fire may break out owing to car lights, if…

While sweltering hot summer is ongoing,  the regulation on switching on short viewed car lights or signal lights in daytime tend to bring about disapproval.

You might see controversies on this matter on different social sites. Videos and photos showing cars which were on fire just because of car lights have provoked citizens’ disapproving attitudes towards this new regulation. On top of that, groups of deputies spoke of this matter and suggested to revoke this regulation.

So, do really car lights cause the fire to break out?

According to the specialist in car maintenance Shokhabbos Abdullaev, it is true. If lights operate all the time, fire may start stemming from short circuit out of thinness of car lights’ wire.

-    Majority of people alter the original car lights that come with cars to stronger ones- Sh.Abdullaev said- car lights that are far brighter requires more electricity. But wires do not withstand such amount of electrical current. Many drivers of “Cobalt” and “Spark” have approached me with problems of melted or burned car lights. Therefore, if ordinary lights are installed, such incidences may not occur.

The specialist said that it is of importance to know the maintenance costs of cars which have got through fire because of car lights. In particular, fog light, which is the most susceptible to damage, costs 700 thousand UZS, bumper worth $50 and car light is around 700 thousand UZS.