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Those who have money go abroad to work?

Those who have money go abroad to work?

According to data (2018) given by the organization of migration number of migrants is over 244 million in the world now.
It accounts for 3.3 percent of the world population, of which workers make up the most proportion. They migrate to developed countries in the economy so as to foster their financial status. Shokhnur Fayzullayev, director of Human private employment agency answered the questions our compatriots are interested in.

- Shokhnur, why do not people show much trust towards employment agencies which provide an opportunity to work abroad?
- You know, migration has been happening since ancient times. People constantly migrate to pursue better living conditions and this process is occurring currently and will proceed in the future too. From this perspective, citizens of Uzbekistan have been interested in migration. It is true that the population is dubious of it. Here is the confession that it is attributable to shortcomings piled for years in this field. To be more precise, we hear or read on social media and at social gatherings as to some situations: a citizen or firm offers migration service for thousands of dollar. Many promises are made. But eventually this citizen or firm turns out to be deceptive. Those who trusted him are devoid of a great deal of money and time. Such a situation evokes one’s disbelief towards any migration service and government sector.

Therefore, it is not difficult to comprehend that there are tough and pivotal functions private agencies face. So we have received e-mails concerning many inquiries. Those who visited the agency had many questions too. We have also heard criticism. It makes us happy to see people are not neglectful of us but it is much miserable to witness their loss. So but by far the most important matter is to change their mindset and revive their trust. When people are happy and grateful with service regardless of what sort of service it is, their trust is consolidated. To accomplish this prospect we should provide fast, trustworthy and guaranteed services. Thus labor migration requires great responsibility.

Nowadays the government has provided opportunities to the private sector.
This is really unprecedented. Even such type of service is not available among CIS countries. So who can run this service? Of course, the businessmen who are going to execute their actions by law, ready to be legally responsible for potential mistakes in the process, capable of having its responsibility and accountability.
It is worth mentioning that it is not much struggling to establish a private employment agency.

When documents are submitted to the Ministry of employment and labor relations (online), it registers the quality of private employment agency within 1-2 days. However, the establishment of a private employment agency does not mean the capability to provide labor abroad. It is true that private employment agency has an entitlement to take action but it is eligible in Uzbekistan. The agency must gain a license given by Ministry of employment and labor relations to provide citizens with a job abroad. Individuals who appeal such agencies have a right to verify whether the agency has the certificate, copy it and hand in corresponding offices to check its genuine if needed. I am mentioning it so that citizens will not be deceived.

Another important point is that if the provision of work is important, citizen’s social security is more important than it. Thus a citizen should take such factors into account when he is offered.
In this sense, he must have awareness of to what extent he will have social security, insurance, accommodations and obligations the service include, a climate of the host country and its suitability to his health. Because what matters most to people is their potential salary. Let’s say, salary is really high but no accommodation, food, medical service are included. And the absence of a social package makes a citizen be in trouble.

Because abovementioned services are exorbitant in European countries. So the salary may not be so satisfying since it also covers up these expenses.

It is evident that foreign labor migration agency is a governmental organization. It signed the memorandum with South Korea. According to it, our citizens must get through some stages to migrate to this country to work. Candidates are chosen through a selection procedure. Much more simplicity in private employment agency: a citizen pays for the service exact amount of money and that is it. The agency makes a profit operating in this way. Taking this into consideration, you do not have to get through some stages in some period that are required by foreign labor migration. We enable the candidate to correspond the obligations in a potential job or position. This is our job.

If the citizen has competence and potential for that position, but do not know a foreign language, we teach him ourselves. Maybe it is vice versa; in this case, we can provide practical assistance too. Of course, it takes some time. Migration is a process that is done in a single day. It is crucial for a citizen to know very well about the country he is migrating to. Especially, foreign language skill is by far most necessary. As English has become an international language, fundamental knowledge can be gained after 2-month training.

An employer may ask candidates for the medical record showing their wellness. Therefore, we tell citizens to provide a reference from a hospital of AIDS, mental illnesses, and skin diseases. We have established a partnership with leading hospitals of the capital to make it convenient for citizens.

- When citizens migrate via foreign labor migration and private agencies, it is usually said these organizations deduct a certain amount of money out of their salary on a monthly basis. How does it correspond to reality? Is it legal?

- The amount of many taken by foreign labor migration agency from migrants working in the Republic of Korea is a social deduction. When a citizen ends up working in this country, this amount of money is given back to him. With regard to private agencies, it is up to agencies’ strategy. Some require clients to make all payments once; the others deduct it from their salary. It is a private agency’s independent policy. Apparently, our agency is going to implement the system of monthly deduction in the first half of the current year. Why? Actually, it is convenient and creates advantages for citizens. Because he does not pay while he is migrating and then we deduct some amount of salary for our service monthly.

There are two forms of doing so. For example, some agencies deduct some percentage out of their salary as long as the work. We intend to make it in a completely different way. To be more exact, a citizen is given a chance to pay off within the period, say one or two years, he wants. The main aim is to create convenience for people. Because people still include some complaints in their appeal: “those who have the money go abroad to work?” The mindset saying “those who are financially capable should work” is completely flawed. We must mitigate it. But it requires some time and chance. If we form the sphere systematically, everybody gains advantages.

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