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Murod Chatkol: life without motherland is worse than death.

Murod Chatkol: life without motherland is worse than death.

His name is Murod Chatkol. He was born in Tashkent. Chatkol is his surname. He is a father of 3 children, grandfather of 9 grandchildren.

At those times, they were enemies for Communists. Communism was against religion. Those who propagated Allah ended up in Siberia. This is why most of people escaped from Turkistan.
Nobody accepted Uzbeks. There was no employment for them; Uzbeks were not allowed for running any commercial business.

In 1932, the Chatkols escape to Afghanistan. At that time, Murod was 5 years old. His father is arrested when he returns to Tashkent to take rest of relatives. He tries to escape and breaks his legs while jumping from jail wall.
After some time he was sent to Siberia. He will remain in Siberia until WW 2 and somehow runs away to Tajikistan, but could not move to Afghanistan. 1963 Murod’s father passes away. He along with his 3 brothers and 1 sister remains in Afghanistan.

At the age of 9 Murod remains alone. One of the days, he moved to another city of Afghanistan, meets his father’s friend Solijon and goes to Qunduz. Solijon had a daughter; Murod’s condition was so bad that he had no choice but to wear this girl’s dresses.

In 1946 Murod will go to Bombay along with his brothers to find his little brother in orphanage. They find him and lived in Bombay for 2 years. They made living by selling minor things. Their aim was to move to Turkey. Embassy did not issue visa.
Finally, they could manage to take visa in 1953 only. They established in the city Odana. Chatkol resided there for 5 years, married there. He succeeded in commerce and finally took 53 ha of land. He resided in their houses along with his brother. Murod’s children were also born in Odana.

After Chatkol’s financial condition was getting better, he started helping students, who came from Turkistan for education. One of such students is a professor in Odana now.
After 40 years, Murod meets his mother. His mother was 37 years when she left them. Murod would never speak badly to her; even he tries to make her happy. She stayed with them for 3 months and left to Saudi Arabia. She passes away after a month there.

Murod Chatkol does not want to speak on things happened to him, he cannot bear these. According to him, nothing can be compared and measured with the love to motherland. He had to go away of his motherland, live in somewhere, taste life of other nation. May be this is why whenever he comes to his motherland, he always says “Maybe we could not see these all if we remained here”.

It is better to sacrifice in own motherland, to live in own motherland. Because life without motherland is worse than death.

Murod Chatkol came to Tashkent in 2011. Visited relatives. His wish is Uzbekistan should bring up a nation who loves his motherland - this generation should serve for the welfare of this nation. As Uzbek nation differs from other nations, there is no such heaven-like country in the world. Murod Chatkol evidenced this personally.

Abdukarim Mirzaev