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Ministry of Communal Services. How it works?

Ministry of Communal Services. How it works? aimed to publish series of articles in regards to condition of official websites of state and economical organs, local administration etc.

First article is about website of the Ministry of Communal Service of Uzbekistan.

No doubt, communal service is a scope of interest of many. All wish to have maxima information on the same.

Logically, such information nowadays can be obtained from websites mainly.

The sphere we are talking about is governed by the Ministry of Communal Service, thus what is the condition of its official website – What kind of information can be seen there?

The latest update in the “News” section of the website was done on April 19, 2019. If paid attention, website exposes one news once a month. Only one news in March, whereas no information is provided in February in regards to Ministry’s activities. Only 2 news took place from the beginning of 2019. Majority of information is short description of event held by the entity.
We can see some material in “Tenders” section dated April 22, 2019. Even it is in Russian language. We could not locate any analytical information, which might be interesting for the reader.
Information about passed and forthcoming event, daily activities and other data is must-to-have in the website. Ministry had conducted Press Seminar for the media at Tashkent Information Centre on May 11, 2019. No information about the event is on the website.

The most interesting, tariffs for the communal services is wrongly indicated on the site. For example, tariffs for hot water provision and garbage utilization. Now imagine, website of the Ministry of Communal Service exposes wrong tariffs. How can such fecklessness and irresponsibility be understood?
We hope the Ministry will note this down.

Please keep following us for condition of the websites of other governing bodies of Uzbekistan.

                                                                                                    Shahobiddin RASULOV
                                                                                                           Nargiza YUNUSOVA

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