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Water falling in drops

Water falling in drops

I have read in one of the information cites: if water floats in the shape of string, it leads to loss of 840-liter water. This report reminds me of my childhood.

I was about to finish school. I walked through the street of Mahalla to head for school. Water always tended to run through the tap placed near the gate. The pressure was too strong. When we are thirsty, we would drink but could not seal it: the tube was cracked.

The Resident did not think of fixing it. When passers-by protested, he said: “brooks are cleared because of water and automobiles do not have to brought to car washing services”.
This situation lasted for a month

I came to the capital and got in the university. I saw this place when I came village in summer holiday: There was a tap installed, the counter was also placed. Owner of the house put a fence around the tap and locked it.

Because, this situation irritated someone and they appealed corresponding bodies, as he abused the utilization of water. He was imposed a great deal of fine and demanded to install a counter. Then the owner tackled the protest.

Nowadays, 70 percent surface of the world is covered with water and the amount of it which is worth consuming is just 1 percent. Millions of people are suffering from a shortage of water and sewage system in different parts of the world and so thousands of people (especially children) perish every day. If humanity does not pay respect to wise utilization and preservation of water, 500m million people move to another continent in search of water.

We are prone to wake up when we hear tapping noise of the water. It is natural that you get up and head for tap, then roll it strongly. Because it gets on your nerves. Perhaps, it is a natural power that can force us not to squander water.

We know, water is not of the sustainable source. We must bear in our mind that we economize it and future generation has a right to have it. Even, we should close the tap as it is our human burden not because it irritates us.