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Sam Avto Buses are not suitable for passengers.

Sam Avto Buses are not suitable for passengers.

Every single passenger can assure the same. We shall try to answer questions as “why?” and “what is the reason?” For this reason, we need to refer to experience.

Few years back “ToshShaharTrans” (Tashkent city Transportation Department) launched “Sam Avto” buses for passengers as trial service. This was also broadcasted in Media. Due to some circumstances, the same bus was withdrawn from the service. When we clarified reasons, one of the in-charge officers counted row of disadvantages of the bus:

- First, bus should suite passengers. See, front door is installed vice-versa and when it is opened or closed, it may hurt a passenger. Secondly, passenger compartment is very narrow – alike one direction road. It is very hard for 2 passenger to go through. Backside of the bus is very inconvenient. Those who get on the bus from the back door face inconveniences going inside, as backside is three bench. Whomsoever wishes to stay in the backside of the bus, will need to bend down as roof is very low.  Third, ventilation system is not suitable. Front seats are down below, backseats are above – on window level, which means passenger on front seats may not even hope of fresh air, while passengers in backseats encounter wind directly onto their face. Moreover, there are several technical disadvantages; these are the reasons why the very bus was withdrawn back from the public service.

Few years later, SAM AVTO buses again appeared in the scene, not with AC installed. But, do passengers utilize AC? No. majority of Sam Auto buses, even though their AC is on, one can notice open windows as well.

Tashkent is launching “Smart Transport”. Requirement of “Smart Transport” can be installed at Sam Avto buses. As citizens of “Smart city” will not wait buses for 40 minutes, but get on “Smart Transport”, which comes every 3-5 minutes.

Moreover, “Smart Transport” will not let people inside more than its capacity. Passengers travel freely. Ut will serve 24/7. Only under such circumstances, Sam Avto can be utilized. Until that time, utilization of SAM Avto buses in public service is not expedient.

Imagine 15-20 people getting off and again on the bus in order to let 1 person to get down in the rush hours in the mornings and evenings. If you think I am mistaken, please evidence situation happening on routes of Buses Nos 84, 62, 9T. After that, you will imagine that nobody took care of the passengers while engaging such buses into public service.

According to the reports of “TashShaharTransService”, 10 years ago around 1 400 buses, more than 100 trams and trolleybuses were in public service.

In 2018 official reported about 1050-1054 buses to serve residents of Tashkent on Media.

There is no any report for the year 2019. As monitored in Media, the figure still composes around 1000 vehicles.

Population is increasing, don’t we have to have corresponding transport facilities? Indeed, amount of vehicles is increasing annually, but there are vehicles under repair works. According to analysis, 50-60 buses are placed for repair daily.

Public transport service decrease up to 80 % after 21:00 hrs due to lack of vehicles and qualified personnel. Transport facilities are to be provided 24 hours continuously in any Mega-polis.

If so, since public transport cannot get rid of its challenges, buses cannot serve to meet today’s requirements. It cannot fulfill benefits and rights of the passenger. For this reason, administration of “TashShaharTransService” should reconsider its activities and implement complete reforms of it. As, it is high time for the same.


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