Tribune 109 18.06.2019 19:51:52

Legal nihilism

Legal nihilism

Agency for Media and Mass Communications hosted Press conference by Official of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.

Few facts, worth our attention:

16 785 citizens were permanently registered in Tashkent, while Tashkent regions registered 6 411 persons in 2019.

Whereas 83 654 people were counted as per their resident within Tashkent city.

As commented by Kudrat Yuldoshev, Ministry of Internal Affairs, 586 351 citizens broke passport-visa rules, 120 000 out of which were not registered at the residential places.

What is the conclusion? 84 000 people out of 203 000 are being registered, and this is not a failure by citizens. This is a case of legal nihilism. This is a prove that the rule is not correct. This figure is only the recorded one. Government should clearly know, what it needs to achieve and reconsider its passport and registration rules.

Shared from "Davletovuz" telegram channel.