Tribune 110 18.06.2019 19:21:10

We do punish, when they poison our stomach, what do we do when they poison our mind?

We do punish, when they poison our stomach, what do we do when they poison our mind?

Recently public is busy discussing a case of common intoxication at one of Tashkent “Lavash” catering shop. Everyone openly discusses in a convenient manner – on TV, Radio, Social network, Newspaper etc. However, an Article by a friend of mine, Behzodbek Adizov attracted my attention.

“A Criminal case is initiated against owners of “Lavash” public catering. I wish them robust health, let them recuperate quickly. But what if Criminal case is initiated against thousands of clips, serials, “yellow press” and various social networks, which are poisoning our mind?”

According to Psychology Today Publishers, ventricle is a second brain in human’s body. According to medical experiments, ventricle is much stronger than a brain. We can evidence by simple examples – ventricle does not digest a meal, which is not suitable for an organism. Nevertheless, human’s brain does not have such feature: it apprehend whether negative or positive information.

Media has a power to lead public, is capable to encourage people, as well as influences people’s spiritual and psychological conditions.

“Media violation” term had been regularly used in 1920es. With effect from those dates, people have become victims of ideology, being wound up through Media.

Let us exclude theory and count real facts. Reading today’s news, one asks, “What happened with humanity?” the most disgusting is happening amongst us.

We have been fond of action movies from our childhood, we were encouraged by its heroes, we have forgotten the concept of real love due to the “easy life” of movie heroes.

What is the result? A mother who sold her child, a child, who killed a parent, deadly fighting children, groups erasing people in massacres, unfaithfulness etc.

I clearly understand that “horror”, descending to our life after having seen such movies and serials. However, there is more terrible truth underneath: the impact, which is affected by the movies, will be thousand times larger.

Thus, we should protect ourselves, our children from such ideologies, “easy-come” scenes, and various contents in Media. Otherwise, the food, which is being digested by our mind, will turn to be a huge thread against ourselves.

Shuhrat Sattorov,
Special correspondent of in South Korea