Tribune 80 18.06.2019 18:35:52

“Beef in the eye, get a sock on the jaw!”

“Beef in the eye, get a sock on the jaw!”

Do I look like a person cheering for a fighting-cock, who is the cage on Octagon? Let it be so (as those two in the Octagon are wise enough to do so, as they intentionally entered the cage and very well informed on the possible outcomes). However, I am surprised on the video snap in the network, where kids around 7-8 years old fighting with each other. Venue and date of the event remains unknown. Nevertheless, they are our compatriots.

Frankly speaking, I could not watch this video. I am not a fragile person – we also used to fight in childhood: all reticently. Fights used to be at streets not passed by people, as we were sacred if any adult person could see and let our parents come to know on the same. As my parents would never allow fighting broach claret.

However, video I am speaking about is the fight between 2 kids, initiated by an adult person (a father or even brother). Fighters are surrounded by a row of observers; none of them is smart enough to break up a fight.

Yes, it is right; there would be opinions like “So what? Man fights. Should a men be alike a girl?”

Thus, how justified is the excuse of the fight?

What will happen, if any of them lose an eye in the fight?

What will happen, if one of them kicks a liver?

On the other hand, even hurts sore thumbs?

Then his father would end up regretting “manlike” upbringing? What is the impact of the regret afterwards? This is what I am writing about!!!

There are variety of options to up bring a boy in man-like format. Child can join any sports. If there is no such opportunity, parents should create such conveniences at home.

Another aspect of the case: how genuine it is to tell one’s offspring “Beef in the eye, get a sock on the jaw!” from Islamic point of view? What is said in Khadiths?

According to Abu Khurayradan “If whomsoever happens to beat someone, a face is to be avoided”.

As it can be seen, a face is the greatest and honored part in religion and hitting a face is not allowed.

Now we consider legal aspect of the case.

This incident corresponds to the Article 127 of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan, i.e., “Involvement of under-age children into anti-social movements and actions”. Actually, fight between 2 kids is law-infringement itself. Moreover, “involvement of under-age child into law-infringement, i.e., clause B of the article (two or more under-age children) can be evaluated as a crime.

If so, we should find those people, who are observing the fight, even more instructing them to “Beef in the eye, get a sock on the jaw!”

Those kids, who had become audience required, undoubtedly, will become wilder and worse natured.

Muslim Mirzajonov