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Behind closed doors: what is the cause of a bad resolution?

Behind closed doors: what is the cause of a bad resolution?

“Fierce enemy of USSR is only one – meetings. Only these meetings will cause USSR to collapse!”

I have heard these words said by Ozod Sharafiddinov from his student and my teacher publicist Dadakhan Nuri. After several years, real-life examples and scientific research are proving Ozod Sharafiddinov’s perspectives right. Indeed, the fact that meetings are disruptive in the progress of state is evident.  

We often have to enter meeting rooms and stay for some time for the purpose of work or study. Hot meeting rooms on sweltering days of summer grab our attention, seem to suffocate us. According to recent researches, too many meetings have a detrimental impact on health as well as the development of society. Bad decisions are attributable to carbon dioxide (CO2) generated owing to hot meeting rooms or people exhaling.

According to scientific researches which were conducted worldwide in last 7 years, a body of a person, who sits in the room where the amount of carbon dioxide is too much, suffer just like a person suffering from contaminated air: possibility to suffer from modern diseases such as cancer and asthma increases.

In addition, meetings’ impact on the progress of society is connected to the cognitive system of people influenced by meetings. In other words, people’s cognitive competence deteriorates inside the room where too many attendees convene.   

If it is true, how can we trust resolution adopted in such meetings? All attendees have only one desire: “… I wish it would end soon!” Stealer of time is the evilest stealer. Such meetings are too long to spend our limited life wisely. Their adverse effect on our health is of more concern.

It is true, accomplishments took place in architecture for the last half-century, heating and cooling systems, systems that filter gas produced by the human body are being implemented. However, have ever seen any device that allows us to know the amount of carbon dioxide in any buildings or meeting rooms in our country? What I mean is that monitoring cleanness of air is must-do practice.

For example, if the number of CO2 exceeds 1200 per one million air particles, any place turns into a dangerous one.

According to biochemists, sitting in the hot rooms where too many people have gathered lead to expansion of blood vessels, a decrease in alteration of neurons and contact among parts of a brain. Therefore, ill-founded decisions are made.

From the point of view of specialist, children’s problems linked to the adverse effect of carbon dioxide emerge so early due to unsatisfactory classrooms. The rooms which have effective ventilation systems foster pupils’ capability to learn.

Scientists of SUNY Medical University of the USA did research and concluded that meetings undermine human’s ability to come up with solutions to problems, which means effectiveness is hindered. Thinking abilities of people who attend meetings on a regular basis worsens, their resourcefulness and enthusiasm are hampered. Stress, hopelessness becomes extreme in such people’s mood.

Scientists of Harward did similar research in 2016. According to it, because of the excessive amount of carbon dioxide, employees’ problem-solving skills got worse. As a result, the number of wrong approaches and bad decisions increased in such workplaces.

Discussing the matters related to the future of society in meeting rooms with hundreds of people gathered is disturbing to development. It is possible to solve any problem with small groups approaching a place where a problem arises by implementing systematic measures. It is true, meetings and conferences are pivotal for new initiatives. Therefore, let’s not forget to equip our rooms with devices that can show clearness of air. Especially, meeting rooms need to be equipped. Because right resolutions related to the future of nation must be adopted in such meeting rooms.    

Shukrat Sattorov

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