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Value of seconds: story of Javohir from Nurafshan

Value of seconds: story of Javohir from Nurafshan

We often blame “our destiny” when we face troubles, but actually do not think that our problems are due to our fecklessness.
Indeed, a healthy child can turn disable due to fecklessness of his parents.

During our visit to Nurafshan town of Tashkent region, we met Javohir Igamberdiev, born in 1999 being healthy and became disabled due to fecklessness of his parents (he fell down on fire and both legs received burn.

Having seen his dreams, plans, and him always being on wheelchair, one regrets that time cannot be turned back.

Our discussion was full of sincerity – starting from his apprehension of all curriculums at school ending up with his detailed plans for running business.

We can say 2019 was successful for Javohir – Federation of Labour Union of Uzbekistan presented 3-room apartment of 95 million UZS for his family in Tashkent region.

You can make your contribution for Javohir’s dreams come true.

Tashkent region,
Nurafshan town, Obod avenue,
Tel: +998990-118-46-47