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Foregoer next us: Master Dilmurad from Pskent town...

Foregoer next us: Master Dilmurad from Pskent town...

If we happen to face a small challenge or exam, we immediately start snivelling. Hence, we do not sink to locate its wisdom – start to find the guilty. Make out “enemies”. However, we never think about the person residing next to us – whose life is much much “worse” than ours. has launched “Foregoer next to us” project. It will cover a life of people with limited abilities, who never give up and may turn to be an ape for other people due to their will and perseverance.

The first hero of our project happens to be a resident of Pskent district of Tashkent region - Dilmurod Jabbarov, full of ambitions and desires – a person of a strong will.

Dilmurodjon has innate disability – his hands and legs do not function. However, this is not an excuse for him to surrender to problems. Imagine, our hero does not even have a Secondary school graduation certificate - he obtained literacy himself.

He bears splendid skills. Despite limited abilities, he scrupulously studies various techniques. Today, when any electronic items from around his neighbourhood goes out of function – owners rush towards Dilmurod.
 As they say, “Seeker finds the opportunity" - Dilmurodjon, by means of improvised equipment and facilities made by himself, runs his family in a minor workshop.