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Travels by disabled people to be facilitated

Travels by disabled people to be facilitated

Presently around 709 000 disabled people reside in Uzbekistan. A charity project on “Travel for everyone” is being implemented in order to support and arrange suitable provisions for these people. State Committee on Tourism Development informs the same. 

According to Committee, these actions are based on President’s Decree No 5611 dated January 5, 2019 “On Conception of Tourism Development for the years 2019-2015 in the Republic of Uzbekistan” as well as Decree “On measure on the further development of domestic tourism”. So far, there is no any single system of financial support for disabled people for traveling.    

According to analysis, travel arrangements for disabled people and creation of special facilities at the places created in row of European countries such as Germany, Spain, England, and France. Specialized internet-portals, tour operators and tour packages are created. 

“Tourism for Everyone” charity project, initiated by the State Committee of Tourism Development and directed towards development of Social Tourism, stipulates coverage of requisites of “Tourists Service Centers” in Media to gather charity amounts. Contributions of the Account will be allocated as following: 

50 % - Travel arrangements of the disabled people;
25 % - specialization of Touristic objects for the conveniences of the disabled people
25 % - obtainment of social attributes (wheelchairs and etc) for the disabled. 

As mentioned by the Committee, “Our compatriots, as well as compatriots abroad, will be engaged for this project in order to increase social activity and increment of the knowledge on locality of the disabled persons, in order to assist in creation of specialized facilities for the physically limited public at the touristic objects”.