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Special coaches are produced for physically disabled population

Special coaches are produced for physically disabled population

Tashkent Passengers Coach Manufacturing and Repairing Plant produced special coaches for the physically disabled people. Coach embraces all facilities required for the disabled: there is a special lifting ramp for wheel chairs.
Path within the coach is also manufactured wide enough for transportation of wheel chairs. Initial coupe is marked specially. It is also marked with Braille symbols for the blind. As soon as one enters the coach, a comfortable orthopedic armchair can be visible. To note that it is controlled by a special remote. Considering the necessities, head and leg parts can be elevated.
Coach is also equipped with a monitor and radio sets for the conveniences of the passengers….
Next to the armchair, there is a special volume-tuning button.

Another convenience, physically limited passengers can inquire a conductor via special alarm button in the coupe.
Problems of visiting “conveniences” and queue are also foreseen.
We do hope that these conveniences are not only for a show: not alike elevators under (above) ground installed for the physically limited people, but factually are being in dust.

According to manufacturers, coaches are export oriented. Customer is – Republic of Kazakhstan. Such conveniences are planned to be implemented in Uzbekistan from September 2019.

Creation of such conveniences is perfect, but one starts thinking of a price. Excluding such comfort, cost of rail travel is not affordable for the disabled people. We hope that ticket costs for the disabled people will be guided by a logic.