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Putin promised Lukashenko to tackle the issue of “dirty” oil

Putin promised Lukashenko to tackle the issue of “dirty” oil

Alexandre Lukashenko President of Belorussia and Russian leader Vladimir Putin discussed the transportation of low-quality oil to oil refinery plant of Belorussia. БелТА reports about it.

“Alexandre Lukashenko met with Vladimir Putin after he came back from China. The Russian leader noted that this issue would be investigated thoroughly”- Natalya Kochanova Head of President Administration of Belorussia said. Head of Administration hoped that solutions to all problems would be figured out.

The criminal case has been filed owing to contamination of oil transported through “Friendship” oil tubes. The company “Транснефть” informed that it was done on purpose with means of a private company «Самаратранснефть-Терминал» which serves small factories.

On April 19, Belorussia announced the deterioration in the quality of Russian oil in “ Friendship” oil tubes.

The excessive amount of chlorides in the material was determined. Russian side admitted and said that the problem would be solved in a short period of time. That “pure” oil will be transported to Belorussia on April 29 was informed.

“Friendship” oil tube – the system of oil tubes that starts in Russian and goes through Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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