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Compatriots living abroad are entitled to gain a visa and be registered.

Compatriots living abroad are entitled to gain a visa and be registered.

According to the government decree, the two-year visa is given to compatriots and registration is authorized, reports about it.

How did all start?

President decree was adopted on October 25, 2018. In this document, legalization of simplified visa, permission to live temporarily and work- that compatriots are supported and rewarded by the state were included.

According to The Cabinet of Ministers’ decree on April 17, 2019, the regulation regarding the legalization of the visit of compatriots living abroad and their family members, the visa that allows them to visit multiple times and chance to be registered by internal affairs bodies was confirmed.

According to the document, compatriots are foreign citizens who are from Uzbekistan, went abroad and accepted citizenship of foreign country or adopted the status of no citizenship, have the sense of belonging to the country from educational and cultural perspectives, identified themselves as an Uzbek or Karakalpak in terms of ethnic and language perspectives and have willingness to communicate with Uzbekistan in a broad way.  

Compatriot’s family members are his or her spouse, parents and children (as well as foster-parent and foster-child)

How visa is legalized

VTD visa that allows visiting Uzbekistan limitless times for two years is given to compatriots and their family members. They make payment amounting to 300 USD to authorize it.

The citizen who invites foreign compatriots has to fil in application and appeal migration and citizenship registration office located in the place he inhabits permanently. Documents are verified in 15 working days
When it is approved, the invitation is legalized and submitted to who invites or his authorized representative.

The document is valid for 3 months after it is submitted. During this period, it has to be submitted to MFA’s Consular Legal Department or Ministry’s divisions in Karakalpakistan and regions. The documents are verified in 5 working days.

The last positive decision allows legalizing the visa which is valid for 2 years and but does not exceed the expiry date of compatriot’s identification.

How registration is legalized

Those who invite foreign compatriots have to appeal migration and citizenship registration office with the application and necessary documents to legalize temporary registration.

Documents are verified in 2 working days and temporary registration which is valid for 3 years but does not exceed expiry date of foreign compatriot’s identification is authorized. Payment amounting to 250 USD is made to legalize temporary registration