Uzbekistan 155 11.07.2019 16:58:06

Military journalist arrested in Tashkent

Military journalist arrested in Tashkent

State Security Service detained military journalist Vladimir Kaloshin in Tashkent. The journalist's daughter said she was suspected of disclosing state secrets.

Vladimir Kaloshin’s lawyer informed his daughter that he was suspected of committing a crime under article 162 of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan. He is currently being interrogated in the remand center of the State Security Service.

68-year-old Kaloshin has been working in newspaper "Vatanparvar" of the Ministry of Defense for 27 years. The journalist with a military rank the Lieutenant Colonel retired in 2012 then worked in "Vatanparvar" as a correspondent. In 2000, he was awarded the medal "Shukhrat" for his performance in educating youth in the spirit of patriotism.