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Korean Sejong University to be established in Fergana next academic year

Korean Sejong University to be established in Fergana next academic year

In Fergana, Memorandum was signed on the opening of a branch of the South Korean higher educational institution which has great prestige worldwide. Khokim of Fergana region Shukhrat Ganiev received a delegation headed by the head of the Uzbek-Korean business center in South Korea, honorary citizen of Fergana region Edward Kim. According to the press service of the khokimiyat of the Fergana region, the rector of Seojeong University in Korea, Mr. Park and a group of the university teachers also took part in this official meeting held in the house of receptions of the khokimiyat of the region.

During the negotiations between Edward Kim, Mr. Park, and Shukhrat Ganiev, the issues of admission to the university, its location, allocated land plots, opened faculties were discussed. This university has an international status and has relations with all universities in Korea. South Korean side has opened three branches of Korean universities in Tashkent where there are 2-3 faculties. It is planned to open more than 10 faculties at the university in Fergana.

The rector of the University Seojeong Mr. Pak noted that the Korean International University in Fergana will start its activities from 2019-2020 academic year, it will be composed of 16 faculties. In the initial period, training will be conducted in Uzbek and Korean. Translators will be involved for students who do not speak Korean and they will be able to fully understand the lessons without problems through interpreters and translators. 

In 2019, 9 faculties will be opened, and the rest will be established next year. Most importantly, the faculties to be opened this year include pre-school education, tourism management, Korean language, beauty management, computer computing management, internet and information communication, automotive industry, architecture, electrical and gas engineering. This year it is planned to accept 2000 students.