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Assistance at initial steps…

Assistance at initial steps…

“Living a live with compassion to other people’s worries and challenges is the highest values of humanity” - said the Head of Uzbekistan while engaging Management of various organizations and entities to investigate and resolve citizen’s problems.

Today Federation of Consumer’s Rights Protection Societies encounters main tasks of resolving citizen’s problems and challenges. Federation is also implementing works on supporting entrepreneurs. Residents of Chortoq district, Namangan region, tried to get loan for apiculture, but all their “run-for-offices” were in vain, and finally they addressed to the Federation.

Referring to the Law “On Protection of Consumer’s Rights” officers of the Federation investigated a case along with representatives of Commercial Banks of Chortoq district. As a result, an amount of 89 991 000 UZS was allocated as loan for apiculture within “Each Family is an Entrepreneur” State Programme.

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