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Will Gulnara Karimova be released?

Will Gulnara Karimova be released?

The first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov’s daughter Gulnora Karimova’s address to the people of the country has engendered controversy and heated debate in social networks. Karimova noted that she hopes for the tolerance of the President and she is ready to serve the motherland now.

We have no idea how sincere or close to reality these words are! Because Gulnara Karimova has actively resisted to covering up the damage to Uzbekistan, violated restrictions on leaving the house, on using the means of communication and the Internet and left the place of residence without authorization, so she was transferred from house arrest to a standard regime penal colony. 

Indeed, this appeal was the impetus for the representatives of show business to openly express their intentions: someone wished Gulnara Karimova health, someone else left the post wishing her early release, return to her family. (Interestingly, most posts were deleted after a while.) 

An unexpected wave of good wishes provoked the spread of media reports that “artists – supporters of the return of Gulnora Karimova.” Some bloggers also came to Karimova's defense by posting "Freedom for Gulnara!” “When those who fought against humanity in Syria were forgiven, why should not she be forgiven". 

G.Karimova's daughter, the granddaughter of the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Iman Karimova collected all messages that addressed to her mother on her page on the social network Instagram.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact: most of the pages supporting Gulnora Karimov turned out to be fake. (Actresses-Jamila Gofurova, Shakhzoda Matjonova, singer – Raykhon) The question arises: who needs such misinformation around the figure of Gulnara Karimova?! 

Why is the campaign to support Gulnora Karimova gaining momentum? Why did singers begin to accelerate the support? They are not aware of the scale of the crimes committed by Gulnara Karimova, its consequences, as well as the current process of compensation for the damage caused! Everyone should mind their own business, should not they?

The public thinks Gulnara Karimova will be released soon, and artists are used for preparing the people for her release. However, people's artist of Uzbekistan Yulduz Usmanova has condemned what artists did on social media and urged them not to interfere in matters that they do not understand.

Gulnara Karimova was convicted of a number of financial crimes such as fraud, concealment of foreign currency, violation of customs legislation. She will be punished accordingly. Question: Will her release breed resonance in the society when she does not compensate for damage caused by her?  Will not our people begin to doubt the role of law and inevitability of punishment for a crime? Many educated people in social networks are saying that the idea of G. Karimova’s release is completely flawed.

Social networks disseminated information that Gulnara Karimova transferred $1.2 billion to the state budget

According to the Ministry of Finance, the accounts of the funds collected to the state budget are not managed by the Ministry.

At the same time, the indicated amount of money has not been remitted to the budget last year and in the first half of the current year.

In particular, revenues from the sales of property (including currency and jewelry) transferred to the state budget during the past year totaled 163 billion UZS ($20.2 million) as per the average annual rate,” the official report said.

Reportedly, in the first half of this year, 99.4 billion UZS ($11.8 million), which are derived from the sales of property transferred to the state, were remitted.

The deputy who was caught red-handed with bribe of $500 was condemned to 3 years in jail, 3 years in prison was sentenced to mahalla activist who was charged with bribery in the amount of 250 thousand UZS, workers who stole10 tons of diesel fuel and compensated for all damage was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.  Is it right to forgive one who committed economic crime amounted to 3,7 trillion UZS owing to 5-year imprisonment and one apology? Mercy is a virtue which is inherent in our people. But the scale of the crime must be taken into account! G. Karimova's fortune is funds taken from the nation, is not it?! 

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