Uzbekistan 103 20.06.2019 13:37:07

Tax debts of construction companies make up the largest proportion

Tax debts of construction companies make up the largest proportion

The press service of the State Tax Department of Tashkent city reported. 

During the activities carried out by the bodies of the state tax service of the city of Tashkent to reduce the tax debt of individuals and legal entities  1560 individual entrepreneurs’ tax debts amounted to 21 billion UZS and 3 thousand 250 citizens’ tax debts amounted to 1.7 billion UZS were paid. 

According to the analysis, the debt of enterprises which are engaged in construction activities accounts for the largest proportion. In particular, during the carried-out activities on the collection of tax arrears for the past period of the current year 12 thousand 765 debtor enterprises paid over 487,6 billion UZS tax debt and 174.8 billion UZS of these tax debts were collected from the construction companies.

For example, 1.2 billion UZS of accumulated debts were recovered from the company “Ko’prikqurilishbutlash” in the Chilanzar district, and 3.2 billion UZS from the SUE “Toshkent issiqlik markazi” in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district.

The report was concluded with the message of Head of  STD of Tashkent city to the taxpayers: 

Dear taxpayers!
The taxes and other obligatory payments paid to the budget will be aimed at strengthening the borders of our country, improving the welfare and ensuring strong social protection of our people. So, taxes and other mandatory payments must be paid in a timely manner!

State Tax Department