Uzbekistan 139 20.06.2019 10:42:53

The movie "Oyjamol" to be filmed by the Uzbek — Belarusian filmmakers

The movie "Oyjamol" to be filmed by the Uzbek — Belarusian filmmakers

Directorate of the film Studio "Uzbekfilm" met with the heads of the film Studio" Belarusfilm" in Minsk, Belarus and signed a Memorandum of cooperation. The press service of the National Agency "Uzbekkino" reported.

Uzbek and Belarusian filmmakers reached an agreement to shoot the film "Oyjamol", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of victory in World War II.

The scenario of the film has been written on the basis of a documentary novel by Bakhodir Umurzakov, which features the life of an ordinary rural woman. The stories in the film cover the years 1935-1991 when the Uzbek people worked tirelessly for the Great Victory despite various difficulties, Uzbek soldiers showed courage at the front.

The film is based on a true story, shooting is mainly conducted in Uzbekistan and villages and pavilions, forests and swamps of Belarus. And fighting scenes will be shot only in Belarus. In addition, documentary and animated films will be produced in cooperation with the two countries in the future.

According to the schedule, in October-December of the current year the shooting will be held in the "Belarusfilm", and then the process will continue in the territory of Uzbekistan. The first show of the film "Oyjamol" is scheduled for May 2020, dedicated to May 9 — "Day of Memory and Honors".