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Did a woman die due to a slow ambulance?

Did a woman die due to a slow ambulance?

News regarding an old woman who felt bad in Farkhad market and died at the hospital as the ambulance did not arrive on time has become viral on social sites and some displeasing comments on system of emergency medical aid service have emerged too. How did the incident happen? Did emergency aid brigade come late? Ministry of Health made a statement on this case.

On June 8, 2019, emergency medical aid station of Tashkent city received two separate calls from different phones at 10:24 between 10:34, one of which said a 50-60- year old woman was in need of help and the second one informed about a 60-70- year old woman also needed help.  Substation No 4  in Uchtepa district was informed about it straight away and the ambulance was sent to the market.  When the dispatcher called in order to examine the situated at 10:44 a.m., a patient was being provided with emergency medical aid.

However, somebody called again and told they were waiting for an ambulance, which made it clear that there were two patients in the area of the market. When the ambulance arrived, the patient had already been brought to the hospital in a car.

-    When accidents occur in markets, crossroads, public places or somebody’s health gets worse, people who witness it call an ambulance- said chief doctor of emergency medical aid station Davron Sultonov. -  In most cases, people do not inform in what part of the market or intersection a patient is. Even ones who have made a call go away from a place where an accident has happened. Consequently, ambulance can not locate a patient and much time is lost.

According to the information given by the ministry, 179 emergency medical aid brigades serve in emergency medical aid station in the city of Tashkent. 705 doctors and 1150 medical employees and dispatchers work in the system. Emergency medical aid brigade receive 3000 calls per day ( it exceeds 4000 in autumn and winter)

Ministry of Health