Uzbekistan 102 29.05.2019 15:02:38

Launching of “No Corruption Sectors” Project.

Launching of “No Corruption Sectors” Project.

President of Uzbekistan signed a Decree on “Measures on further Development of Struggle against Corruption”.

The Resolution is elaborated to achieve expediency in tackling corruption, creation of the most convenient business atmosphere, increment of positive image of Uzbekistan in global market.

Resolution embraces acceptance of State Programme on Struggle against Corruption for 2019-2010 and renewed list of Inter-Departmental Anti-Corruption Commission.

State authorities, local executive bodies are obliged personal responsibility for improper verification of reiterate occurrence of corruption within their jurisdiction.

Thematic classes on Struggle against Corruption are presumed to be increased in educational establishment w.e.f. September 1, 2019.

W.e.f August 1, 2019 a trial Project on “No Corruption Sector” is planned to be launched in construction and educational spheres, with participation of eminent local as well as foreign experts. From April 1, 2020 the same project is planned to be gradually implemented in other sectors as well.

Every sphere is to report to the President’s Office by April 1 on the measures undertaken to tackle corruption.