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Ministry of Justice held a talk with inmates

Ministry of Justice held a talk with inmates

Ministry of Justice has held a talk with inmates on the topic of “Updated news in legislation about rights of ones who were condemned to jail” in the prison located in Boka district, Tashkent region in cooperation with Tashkent State Law University.

During the event, inmates have been briefed about their rights in the period of serving the imprisonment, changes that have been made in the sphere of human right for last 3years and regulations on seeking a job after imprisonment ends.7b8200054cc8d5bb4a050c9a4dd1429d.jpg

In addition, individual conversations have been held with prisoners too. In these conversations, they have been provided with information about amnesty, legislations on forgiveness, prisoners’ rights and responsibilities identified in the legislation of labor and getting a pension. Legal advice for issues and matters, which they are interested in or struggle to resolve, has been also given.

After the event, visitors have familiarized themselves with inmates’ working conditions and answered the questions.